“I started training with Ruairidh a couple of months ago and I can honestly say what a difference he has made. I was quite embarrassed about my weight so joining a conventional gym just wasn’t an option for me. From the moment I met Ruairidh, he put me at ease and he has taken the time to really get to know me. His fitness studio is well presented, with quality gym equipment and he spends a lot of time preparing fitness plans developed solely for me and my capabilities. He is not ‘shouty’ or condescending which I appreciate a lot. He has great people skills and although young, his knowledge is incredible. I am loosing weight, feeling better about myself and I can’t believe I actually look forward to seeing what he has planned for me on my next visit! I never thought I’d be writing a review saying that I was enjoying getting fit – but I am 😃 I highly recommend him, and if you were like me, a little frightened to take that first step – don’t be, Ruairidh is a fantastic Personal Trainer.”

Annie W.

“From the moment Ruairidh opened the door to his immaculate, well appointed home gym I knew he was a person that could help me achieve my long term goal.

I have been very impressed by the passion Ruairidh shows towards helping his clients; his knowledge, and his ability to connect with people. Ruairidh has given me a deeper understanding of training to lose weight, training to tone up but more importantly of correct technique with equipment. Ruairidh, is reliable, friendly, personable and very welcoming, each session is different and motivating.

Honestly, I can say that training with Ruairidh offers so much more than regular gym sessions; it has been really refreshing, and instrumental in helping me improve my fitness. Although, each session with Ruairidh has been fun, he constantly inspires you to achieve your goals ….you can just tell he loves what he is doing.

Working with Ruairidh has changed my life in a number of positive ways; not only have I increased my physical strength, but also my self confidence, which is why I have signed up for another month of twice weekly sessions.”

Elaine C.

“Loved that, Ruairidh! So nice to be exercising out in the sunshine, and great to have it over with for the day! Pitched at just the right      level for me…knackering, but definitely do-able. You really are very good at what you do, you know. Reassuring and encouraging, calm and clear.”

Mary A

“Would highly recommend Ruairidh for both personal training and bootcamps. Really friendly trainer who makes sessions both challenging and fun.”

Holly B

“Fantastic service! Personal training and bootcamp both really great.”

Anthony J

“Ruairidh. Had a a great Session again today. Big shout out as you keep me well motivated during our sessions. Small space of time have seen great results so far. New goal added today so will keep focus and strive to reach it as soon as possible. Folks if you need a strongly motivated person to get you through good well balanced sessions. I fully recommend Ruairidh 👍🏻🏋🏻‍♂️.”

Alan Pyott 💪🏻