Outdoor Fitness Training

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Warmer temperatures, blue skies, fresh air and sunshine gives us all a good reason to head outdoors.

In an effort to help you soak in the glorious weeks of summer and find your inner happy self, we’re encouraging you to skip the gym and take your

workout outside.

Our Outdoor Boot Camps run twice weekly in the gardens at the back of the studio & are limited to 10 people, so its a small, friendly, inspired group.

Costs only £5 for 45 minutes of exercise heaven.

Workouts are designed to give variety to your training, spice up exercise sessions and help you stay motivated beyond the walls of the gym.

The benefits are substantial.

But you must message, text or phone to book a place.



Research has shown that exercising outside requires more energy. The elements such as temperature, wind, etc., provide natural resistance and make our bodies work harder to burn excess calories and stored fat so you will improve your heart health and lower your blood pressure.


You get a FREE dose of Vitamin D! Outdoor exercise is a fantastic way to get your VIT D through sunlight – especially important if you are overweight, as research suggests that overweight individuals are more likely to be deficient in Vitamin D.


It is a proven fact that light affects mood and can improve mental health. So take advantage of the sunshine during the Spring, Summer and early Autumn months by getting outdoors as much as possible. Immerse yourself in nature and lower your cortisol levels, pulse rate and release those   feel good endorphins!


Being outside gives a boost for your mental stimulation that indoor exercise just doesn’t seem to replicate. Enclosed by the same 4 walls can be repetitive and dull, so take it outside to stimulate the brain and give your mind and soul a workout at the same time!


Finally, and perhaps we completely under estimate the importance of this. Social interaction lessens stress and increases happiness. So here’s a GREAT benefit to outdoor exercise because you are more likely to do it in a group with like minded people. It will give you a chance to interact and catch up with others and if you are new to the area, or the group, an opportunity to make new friends.

Have a look at our facebook page to see the banter and chat or browse through some of the photos from our 2018 Boot Camps